13 Must Have Smartphone Apps for Car Owners

In this fast-moving world, technology is extremely necessary. Especially when you are traveling alone or driving on a highway. What if suddenly on the way you get lost? Or maybe your engine stopped working in the middle of nowhere. What to do? So here comes some amazing apps that is your friend in need. Apps that will not only help you to find your way but also will help you reach your destination safely.

Be they for getting around, for nabbing the best deal on gas prices, for finding parking, and a lot more.

1. Google Maps

Google maps is always the name that comes to our mind when ever we are lost. It’s accuracy is so commendable that even if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. It will always find you a way out. Google has features that can exactly tell you how far the your destination is.This is particularly true if you use Gmail or are logged into other Google services on your computer. The places you search on you desktop seamlessly show up in the mobile app. And now that it integrates a lot of info from Waze (which Google bought) it’s even smarter about routing you around problems.


2. Waze

For everyday use, Waze isn’t ideal. It’s still kind of buggy, it devours your phone’s battery, and it can be distracting while you drive. So why recommend it? Because if you get stuck in some dense traffic, it’s the best tool there is. This is especially true in a city like L.A., where there’s always an alternate route. It may take you along some very strange paths, but it will get you there. It is also extremely responsive and quick solution giver. Just make sure your phone is plugged in. https://www.waze.com/


3. Roadtrippers

While Google Maps is the best for getting from one place to another, if you’re planning an extended road trip, Roadtrippers absolutely indispensable. Think of it as Yelp but for road tripping. Not only does it have reviews for hotels, campgrounds, points of interest, and eats, but it has advanced route-planning tools that let you string all of them together. Basically it gives you a complete picture of your drive. So if you are a keen traveller and explorer, and like sudden planned road trips it is the best option. It also has varied and diverse number of options in food places and takes care of you. It can even estimate the amount you’re going to spend on gas. Pretty sweet.  https://roadtrippers.com/about/app


4. SpotHero

If you’ve ever arrived for a meeting twenty minutes early, only to spend the next 45 minutes driving around in circles looking for a place to park your car, especially in countries like USA where most individuals own a car, then you need SpotHero. It’s kind of like Airbnb for your car. Use the app to find an open spot near you, reserve and pay for it, and when you arrive at the garage you’re all set. Currently available in 12 major U.S. cities. http://spothero.com/


5. RepairPal

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It would be great if everyone had a trusted local mechanic, but for many people that just isn’t the case. You come across a lot of problems in your car which you have no idea how to deal with and you are not even sure if you trust the mechanic your friend has suggested. How do you keep from getting completely looted? RepairPal gives you accurate, average costs for specific repairs to your specific vehicle and can even help you find a highly rated mechanic nearby. http://repairpal.com/


6. Automatic

Automatic is an unobtrusive, little dongle (yes, that’s the correct word) that plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostics port and stays there. It’s equipped with GPS and Bluetooth. This means it can deliver unto your smartphone all kinds of stats about your vehicle and your driving. Stuff like gas mileage, engine health, performance, and it can even automatically alert authorities if it senses you’ve been in a bad accident. You can always install more apps for it, too. The dongle is $100, but most of the apps are free. https://www.automatic.com


7. GasBuddy

There are a ton of gas-station-finding apps out there. We’ve found GasBuddy to be the most reliable. Not only does it have nearly every gas station in the U.S. in its database, but it has a huge user base, so updates and corrections are always coming in. If you are on a sudden road trip and have completely forgotten to fill your tank this app comes very handy. This means it can, more often than not, help you find the absolute cheapest gas around, and you can apply filters if you need something specific like diesel. http://www.gasbuddy.com/


8. PlugShare

Got an electric car? PlugShare is mandatory. It’s basically an interactive map of more than 40,000 charging stations across the U.S. It can even tell you whether there’s any space left at the one you’re heading towards. It’s a very basic app but it might just save you from a very expensive tow and a lot of embarrassment.  http://www.plugshare.com


9. XLR8

Okay, this last one is totally dumb kind of pointless. And yet, it’s really fun and it’s sure to get a laugh or two. XLR8 is for those well intentioned people who have a hybrid or electric car but miss the sound of a big, mean engine. XLR8 gives you back the vroom vroom you’ve been craving. Connect your phone to your stereo and you can make your car sound like a V-8 muscle car, NASCAR engine, a Ford GT40, a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini supercar. It is one the most useless apps ever made in the history but if you are an over excited and completely badass like me you would surely enjoy it. Dumb, but fun. http://2xlgames.com/xlr8/


10. Chargemap

Chargemap is an option with a global focus based in France. The app emphasizes how many countries and networks it supports. Chargemap’s interface is polished and provides you with numerous filter options. The app also serves as a pass when navigating the Chargemap network across Europe.

On the downside, you must create an account before you can even view charging stations. The other options here don’t prompt you to log in unless you want to interact, like checking into a location or leaving a comment.

Download: Chargemap for Android | iOS

ChargePoint supports a massive network; it’s the one I encounter most in my area. The app relies on NFC, so you tap your phone against a charging station to start charging. The app doesn’t need to be open to initiate the process.

ChargePoint shows how long your car has charged, how much power it’s received, an estimate of the miles gained.



The best app for Tesla car owners is called Remote S for Tesla. It’s developed by an active member of the Tesla community, and it implements virtually every function supported by Tesla’s.

It helps in:- unlock/lock car, start/stop HVAC, roof control, temperature control, honk horn, flash lights, enable/disable Valet Mode, summon reverse/forward/stop, trigger Home Link, start/stop charging, open/close charge port. Best of all, the app is actively supported by the developer, with new updates being released all the time. It costs $9.99 and works with all iOS 8.0 devices or later.


12. Radarbot (App Store, Google Play)

Radarbot is marketed as the only app that mixes live alerts with accurate speed camera detection via GPS. It’s also legal and it uses sounds or vibrations to warn you of fixed speed cameras, mobile cameras (if they’re reported by users), tunnel cameras and traffic light cameras, as well as dangerous traffic zones. Not to mention the community behind the app amounts to 2 million drivers worldwide. If you want to be a safe driver and not want too many traffic tickets and not pulled over, this is the app for you.


13. Find My Car (App Store)

Well, the name is self-explanatory and the app pretty much works like the Find My iPhone utility. It uses GPS to locate your car based on a previously saved position. After you’ve finished shopping, for example, all you need to do is open the app and it will give you the last saved position of your car. It also displays real-time distance to your car as well as the best walking direction, according to the environment. Find My Car also needs an active internet connection to retrieve data. If you are as lazy as me this app with safe a lot of your energy and time.



These apps are some of the best apps all over the world. They can make your driving life a lot easier if you use them cautiously and not drive unsafe. The special warning includes to not use them and drive together. Prevent accidents.

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