The following article will help you know , how to re-enable/recover your disabled Google AdSense account along with all the particulars, policies, reasons of blocking of your adsense account.

The various elements of the article are as follows:

  1. What is AdSense?

  2. Eligibility to participate in adsense.

  3. Reasons of blocking of adsense account.

  4. Recovery of your account.

  5. Conclusion

What is adsense?

Google had launched a program on 18th June 2003 named AdSense which provides an online platform to earn money for webmasters/publishers. In this the advertisers pay to the content creator for publishing their ads like videos, promotions like service offers etc. in between their contents. These advertisements are sorted and monitored by Google. The official and updated logo of adsense is given below.

Eligibility to participate in AdSense

1.Whether you have your own site or not.

2.Does your site comply with their program policies or not.

3.Your site should be active for at least 6 months.

4.Your age should be at least 18 years.


Reasons of blocking of AdSense account

The websites or blog, small or big, who seek to generate capital uses Google AdSense as a favourite tool for monetising. For monetising and maintaining the blog/website, one has to follow all the policies and rules by Google AdSense. If there is any misdemeanour of laws and policies your account will get blocked or disabled and earnings of that account will also get unavailable to the user.

If your account gets blocked then you will receive the following message;

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For getting an approved Google AdSense account, people may have to wait for few days to several months as it is not an easy task to do so. If one’s AdSense account gets disabled, it becomes a very tedious task for the account holder to recover the account as recovery may take several days.

Advertisers are the main precedence of Google as they are the earning source for Google. Google basically ask AdSense publishers for-

  • Valid traffic

  • High quality ad inventory

If received traffic violates any laws and policies or is invalid, then that webmaster will no longer be allowed to be a part of AdSense. Such traffic is trust breaking and dangerous for the advertisers as well as for the lawful publishers.

The two most common reasons for blocking of AdSense account can be: Invalid traffic and Policy infringement

If your account does not follow any of the policies or guidelines, it is subjected to get blocked/disabled by Google.

Some of the main reasons are:

Due to invalid traffic

1)Clicking the ads on your own site, YouTube channel or app

2)One or more users repeatedly clicking the ads on your site.

3)Generating or receiving automated or bot traffic

4)Using an incentivised traffic source

5)Manipulating how ads are served

6)Encouraging users to support your site, YouTube channel, app through ad interaction

7)Ad placement deceptive for users or generating accidental Clicks

8)Ads embedded in applications

Due to policy reasons

1)Pornographic, adult, or mature content

2)User-generated content

3)Violating webmaster guidelines

4)Deceptive ad placement

5)Copyright infringement

6)Illegal content


Difference between suspended and disabled AdSense account

There is a difference between suspended and disabled accounts. The account which is suspended can still be accessed but ads and promotions on the respective websites or blogs will be blocked. Hence the payment will also be blocked. Google AdSense suspend any account for the different length of time. The duration of suspension and reason of suspension of your account is mentioned in your email.

On the other hand, the account which is disabled can not be accessed by any means and will be diverted to the disabled account notification page.

Sometimes there is an access to your account but you are not able to see any of the AdSense ads then no need to worry. Your account is not disabled or suspended but the Google had blocked that particular site from showing ads.


Recovery of disabled AdSense account

On logging into the Google AdSense account, if you are not able to see your profile instead your have been redirected to the page showing the following message (given above) then, this means that your account has been disabled due to policy violation or invalid traffic. Then you look for ‘HOW TO RE-ENABLE/RECOVER YOUR DISABLED GOOGLE ADSENSE ACCOUNT ’ and have to follow recovery process which might take several days.

Steps involved:

STEP 1: click on the Disabled account FAQ link

STEP 2: Read all the given point carefully. 2nd point depicts the recovery of disabled account as ‘Can my account be reinstated after being disabled for invalid traffic?’

STEP 3: Click on AdSense account recovery appeal form.

STEP 4: This form has 2 steps, in the first step it will ask two questions

1)Do you have publisher ID or login email ID?

2)Are You able to login into your account?

STEP 5: Then the full AdSense recovery form will appear which will ask some of the basic questions about your account and your thoughts about why your account is disabled. Don’t try to fill wrong information and making fool out of Google as Google keeps check on each and every single activity of yours.

The form is as such;

STEP 6: After filling the above form,click on the submit button. You will receive a confirmation via email that Google has accepted your request/appeal.

STEP 7: If you have fill in the form completely then you will receive an email from Google within 48 hours (2days) that will inform you about the result of your request/appeal. By doing so your account will get recovered.



Choosing Google AdSense is a good option for a webmaster or a blogger but one should follow all the rules, policies and laws carefully by AdSense. In today’s time, generation of high quality websites and content is in the fashion and is gaining popularity. We hope you found you answer for “HOW TO RE-ENABLE/RECOVER YOUR DISABLED GOOGLE ADSENSE ACCOUNT” Some of the Do’s and Don’ts of Google AdSense are:


  1. Build your blog or website of high quality content.

  2. Your blog or website should add value in some manner or other.

  3. It should have positive impact on people.

  4. Your site should have certain strategy in order to earn revenues.

  5. Follow all the policies and laws carefully by AdSense.


1.For additional clicks and views, do not purposely game the AdSense system.

2.Violation of any laws and policies can lead to blocking or disabling of your account.

3.Do not try to create traffic on your own by invalid activities.

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