Summer season has arrived and we will be facing with lots of problems due to the scorching heat of the sun and also due to various others reasons. Also there are solutions for every problems. So, here I am with hacks which can save you from the problems which you will be facing during summer. So, lets have a look.

Itchy bug bite :-

Take a little toothpaste on your finger tip and apply it to the affected area. Leave it as it is. Don’t remove it until it goes away all by itself or until you get complete relief. You will get instant relief by this method.

Rashes :-

Take an aloe vera. Cut it into small slices. Put the slices into the small cages of the ice tray and pour water into each of the cages. Keep it inside the deep fridge and let it form ice. Then take out one cube of ice and gently dab it into your affected area. You will feel great relief and the pain will go away.

Melting of lipstick :-

Often our applied lipstick melts due to the rising temperature. To prevent this, apply concealer on your lips before you apply lipstick. Then apply your lipstick. You will observe that it will not melt and it will last for the whole day.

Sweaty thighs :-

During summer it often happens that the area between your thighs get sweaty. Take an organic deodorant and apply it gently over the area and then rub it with both the thighs together. You will feel the difference.

Burning sensation due to sun :-

We feel a burning sensation on our skin when we go out during summer and whenever the sun’s heat it at its peak. For its solution, applying sunscreen is too greasy. But you need to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from tanning. So apply sunscreen. To remove the greasy feeling, take a tissue paper and hold it on your face and then apply powder onto the tissue paper with a brush. Some powder will go into the skin through the tissue paper and it will remove the greasy effect and you will not feel the burning sensation again.

Sweat stains on clothes:-

This problem is inevitable to everyone. Often we see stains on the clothes due to sweating. Cut a lemon into half. Take the lemon and rub it into the sweat stained area of your cloth. Keep it for some time and then wash it off. You will see no stains on the clothes.

Uneven Tanning of the skin :-

Take a bowl of water. Add 1 tbsp baking soda into it. Let it dissolve completely. Then take cotton pad and apply the water to your skin. Your uneven skin will get evened out.

Ran out of exfoliating cream :-

Take a potato and a bit of sugar. Cut the potato into two pieces. Rub the edge of the potato on the sugar and then rub it to your skin in circular motion. After sometime rinse your skin thoroughly with water. Your skin will get exfoliated and you will get a smooth skin.

Have a beautiful summer !!!

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