“I am such a low confident person”, often we say this to ourselves and make ourselves even more inferior. In a world full of competiton, we need to be confident enough to make our knowledge grow and apply the knowledge gained to its fullest. We cannot put ourselves down by saying all the low esteem stuffs to ourselves. This way, only we ourselves are letting us down. Once we start believing in ourselves, we can risk any experience that we had or are unaware of being having, we can risk curiosity and do stuffs which we think are beyond our reach. If you are low in self-confidence, you cannot succeed in our life. So, here I come with some of the tips which will help you in gaining self-confidence and at the end of the article I guarantee that you can be quiet confident enough to risk yourself to curious and adventurous experiences that you used to fear before and if you practice these tips everyday then all your low confidence will vanish gradually.

Self-confidence is not a genetic attribute. So, it cannot be acquired by you through your parents. It is you who needs to boost up your self-confidence. You should take a control of your life and also your self-confidence. By this I mean that you should take actions which can improve your confidence and your image. So, here are a couple of actions which you can try to take control of your self-confidence.

Groom Yourself :-

This is an obvious case. You should shower everyday, you should stay neat and clean, you should wear neat and clean clothes, one can say. But if you observe carefully, you can understand how much of a difference it can bring to your feelings about yourself and and improve your self-confidence and self-image. You will feel a complete change in your mood when you wear dirty clothes and stay dirty compared to the days when you stay neat and clean.

Always Be Positive :-

One of the most important thing is to kill your negative thoughts and replace it with positive thoughts. By doing so, we can make impossible things possible. You should be aware of the self-talk you make, the thoughts that come to your mind about yourself and the things that you do. Whenever any negative thought comes to our mind we should immediately catch the thought with our hands tightly, crash and kill it and throw it to the dustbin. These things are of course done mentally. With a replacement of that negative thought you should put a positive thought and then see who can stop you from increasing your self-confidence. Eg :- Whenever you have the thought in mind ” I am so dark or I am unattractive”, catch it, crash it and throw it and replace your thought with “I have so beautiful eyes”. This technique really helps a lot.

Know Yourself :-

You should try to know youself very well. You should know you strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to weaknesses, you should find a way to let your weakness become your strength. And your strength should never become your weakness. Start writing a journal about yourself and the thoughts that you have about yourself. Give a clear understanding to your thoughts. Try to find out the reason why you have such a negative thought. Think deeply about yourself and you will come to know yourself well and eventually you will increase your self-confidence to a much higher extent.

Be Prepared :-

It is not easy to have self-confidence, if you don’t think that you will do well at something. Be prepared for any situation in life. Think of life as an exam. When you are not prepared for the exam you feel quite afraid of what to do and how to do. But when you are prepared for the exam you feel much confident and thus have a greater self-confidence.

Focus on solutions :-

If you keep on focusing on problems you can never be successful in your life. Don’t keep on complaining that why there is so much problem in my life etcetra etcetra. Just try to shift your focus to the solution of the problem. It is infact a best way to increase your confidence and also this contributes much to your career.

Smile :-

This one is my favourite. This is another ordinary one. But this works a lot. When you smile, you will immediately feel better and also it will have a positive effect in your life and thus creating a good image of yourself to others and also to yourself.

Get Active :-

Always do something. Never sit idle. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. Doing something leads to mistakes by which we can learn a lot of things and also gain much experience. If you have experience about something, you will not fear to do it the next time thus gaining self-confidence.

Walt Disney said that the secret of a man’s success can be summarized in four C’s. They are curiosity, confidence, courage and constancy and the greatest thing of all these are confidence. When we believe in ourelves we can do anything and achieve anything in our life.

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