Top 10 places to visit in Netherlands

Amsterdam is probably the first place that strikes anyone when Netherlands is mentioned, however, this small country in Northwestern Europe has so much more to offer than just it’s vibrant and artistic capital city. Known for a flat landscape of canals, fields of beautiful tulips, rows and rows of windmills, picturesque cycling routes, this country is bursting with charm and culture.  Here’s a list to get you started if you ever visit this beautiful land.



10. Delft

This progressive town is mostly commonly known for its Delftware crockery and many people flock to Delft to get their hands at this beautiful blue and white pottery. Known for its mind blowing Renaissance style architecture and breathtaking canals are a few of the many places to visit in this unspoiled town. One could also try and climb the bell tower in the New Church to gaze for hours at the beautiful expanse. Stop by the Vermeer Centrum for a Johannes Vermeer souvenir or print.

9. Rotterdam

This has become one of the most beloved places by photographers owing to its Piet Blom-designed cube houses, Rotterdam Central Station, The Euromast Tower, De Markthal, Rotterdam Zoo, Climbing Park Fun Forest. The summertime festivals and carnivals attract tourists from places far and wide. The bars and restaurants, the Erasmus Bridge, and LED-lit Market Hall are all always bustling with tourists.

8. Haarlem

Often dubbed as the “Little Amsterdam”, Haarlem is just 15 minutes away from Amsterdam. This medieval and endearing city excellent dining options, markets and also a few great beaches to while away your day under the sun. Since it has way less crowd than the main city of Amsterdam, people love to spend their entire days roaming about this city. Do visit Jopenkerg, which is a 14th century cathedral turned into a brewery.

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7. The Hague

Home to the Dutch government, the city boasts of a strong feel of old world charm and hosts a vibrant nightlife. A few of the best museums of the country are located in the Gothic Inner Court of this city. See the sky as a curved surface at the Celestial Vault, witness natural wonders at the First Natural Lanzart, or spend time along the North Sea in the warmer months at the sea town of Scheveningen.

6. Utrecht

Boasting a rich middle age history, this city is one of the most bike friendly cities in the world. Centuries-old wharf cellars now serve as spots to enjoy food and drinks in the elaborate and scenic water canals of this city. Boat excursions and bike tours are the most loved activities to do when in this historic city. A few more notable visitor attractions are the awe-striking Gothic Cathedral of Saint Martin, The Oude Hortus, Trajectum Lumen, DOMunder and The Dom Tower.


5. Volendam

One of the most charming places in Netherlands, Volendam hosts delicious local delicacies, fish and cheese. A bustling hub for foodies with phenomenal cuisines – fish and chips, smoked eel, and pickled herring piled high with onions being just a few varieties – would just be cruel. Colorful wooden houses, bobbing fishing boats, numerous and seafood stall are included.


4. Kinderdijk

If you wish to spend a beautiful day amidst lots and lots of windmills, then this village is your perfect choice. A rustic and idyllic countryside, 19 monumental mills built during the early 18th century, this small village is so picturesque, bucolic and pleasant that it has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997.


3. Maastricht

It’s almost sinful to not witness the stunning package of medieval architecture and modern atmosphere offered by Maastricht when in Netherlands. Most famously known for its dynamic city square, many annual festivals take place at the Vrijthof, with local favorites arriving in autumn and winter. Maastricht also hosts amazing and hip cafes and bars and interesting art galleries.

2. Giethoorn

You can spend your Dutch vacation witnessing super scenic surroundings of waterways and canals on the village side. Often dubbed as the “Village with No Roads” or affectionately called “Venice of the Netherlands”, the tranquil nature of this place, thatched roof farmhouses and wooden arch bridges can be explored via waterways and canals. You could also choose to ice skate your way through this village during the chilly winter months. Lose yourself in the glorious canals and beauty of this place.


  1. Amsterdam

One of the most stunning cities not just in Netherlands but also in the world, Amsterdam is home to beautiful medieval architecture, stunning and glorious canals, a hip and vibrant nightlife with bustling pubs and bars, and a happening cosmopolitan culture. The Anne Frank House, Bloemenmarkt, Vondelpark, Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum are just a few of the over 1500 fabulous monumental marvels to lay your eyes on. Catch a ferry, explore the art galleries, head out to hip pubs and bars for an exciting and memorable nightlife.


While most visitors to the Netherlands focus on Amsterdam, the country’s vibrant capital with its great museums and art galleries, there are many charming towns and villages to explore. So go exploring this beauty maybe just in the old Dutch stype: the bicycle.

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