Top 10 modern robots that will really amaze you

When we think of robots, we’re probably thinking of a futuristic piece of technology that can travel in time, hell bent on destroying the human world so robots can rule (Terminator, anyone?). Or maybe we’re thinking about a giant, inflatable robot that hugs us and tells us our health stats and helps us fight crime in our free time- yeah, I’m talking about Baymax. The point here is that our image of robots is still more or less based off what we have seen of them on sci-fi movies and TV shows. Modern robots are quite a bit far away from the robots of our imagination, but it is not to be said that they aren’t without potential. They are quite the wonderful invention of our time; often funded and maintained by million dollar corporations. From helping in household chores and assisting the handicapped to helping doctors with their research and sometimes even surgery, robotics today has made a lot of advances.Let us take a look at the top 10 modern robots:

  1. Milo the Robot

Milo is a robot developed by American robot manufacturer Robokind. It is designed to support children with Autism. It is just two feet tall, and has been designed specifically for parents, therapists, and educators to social and conversational skills to autistic children.

The robot displays different emotions which users have to identify using a program on their iPad. There are cameras fit into Milo’s eyes to provide feedback about the child’s performance, and it comes with a chest pack that the child is to wear so that his heart rate and changes can be monitored. That way, parents, teachers and therapists working with the children can address problems.

The firm claims that children working with Milo have an engagement rate of 70-90%, compared to 3-10% with other therapy methods.

  1. Valkyrie

NASA’s R5, aka Valkyrie the ‘superhero’ robot is 6 feet 2 inches tall and was originally designed for use on the International Space Station. Valkyrie is able to walk by itself, pick up objects and use tools. NASA designed this she-bot in the hopes that one day, it can be used to help humans in danger zones and disaster and terror-stricken areas. The robot is a she-bot because it was programmed with female characteristics. The droid has several built-in cameras, recording and sonar equipment.


  1. Ekso GT

Robots and robotics have a tremendous potential in the medical field. These robotic exoskeletons demonstrate that potential perfectly. Ekso Bionics is a California based company that has been manufacturing them for over ten years, working primarily with the military.

Its latest product, the Ekso GT, is designed to help victims of spinal trauma and stroke to recover and walk again. The robotic suit, made from titanium and aluminium, uses battery-powered motors to allow the wearer to walk. All they need to do is move their hips forward, and the device will initiate steps. It also comes with software that health professionals can use to provide adaptive therapy.


  1. Ian the Invincible:

Ian the robot is based on the Atlas robot created by Google-owned, Boston Dynamics. The 6 feet 2 inches tall robot has 28 hydraulically actuated joints and stereo vision which make it the most advanced robot ever created. What makes Ian unique is the software which allows him to drive a car. Ian’s movements and technical intricacies are not to be dismissed. Originally designed to save lives in disaster zones, the Ian is part of an ongoing robotics project that has the aim of creating mechanical beings that can replace humans by conducting dangerous and life-threatening tasks — this is one humanitarian robo, and he serves some great karate moves for you.


  1. Jibo

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Robots have long since been imagined in sci-fi series and movies as being personal assistants. While this robot can’t do your laundry for you or organize your house, it still is an excellent example of how robots can become our personal assistants and help us do our work better.

It comes with the tagline: “World’s first social robot for the home”, is can very efficiently provide you with reminders, take family pictures at home celebrations and schedule your appointments for you. It can recognize the face and voice of its owner. It is set to go on sale this year for about $750.


  1. Double:


Double, if we put it very simply, is essentially a stick with wheels, with a screen attached to it. It is a great way to attend events and parties from your home, if you can’t be out and about because of an illness or if you don’t feel like getting out of bed. It is a great way to be lazy on your Sunday mornings and still make sure that the chores around your house are done. It’s not as great as teleportation, but it’s the next best thing!


  1. Deka Robot:

Bionic limbs have emerged as a thrilling area in robotic technology with a lot of potential. They are primarily used in aiding people who’ve been born without limbs or who’ve lost them in accidents. The DEKA Arm is just one one such example.

Funded by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the US, it lets individuals who’ve experienced upper extremity amputations regain control of their arm and hand. The prosthetic arm is so precise that users are able to grip items such as cups and cutlery.


  1. The LG rolling Bot:

Did the picture give you déjà vu? This bot moves in a way similar to BB-8 from Star Wars- by rolling around. It’s a security bot you can use to check the surroundings at your house if you’re way on a vacation or visiting someone. It works remotely and you can keep an eye on things at home without having to rely on neighbours or relatives.


  1. Spot

Google-owned engineering and robotics design firm Boston Dynamics is famous for its unconventional inventions, and Spot is no exception. Spot is a four-legged robot designed to imitate dogs, and for operating indoors as well as outdoors. Electrically powered and hydraulically actuated, it sports a sensor so it can find its way around rough terrain.

However, when introduced to a real dog, things went awry real quick when the dog simply kept barking at Spot most of the time.


  1. Honda Asimo

Honda Motor’s Asimo robot puts on a demonstration for the media at the Jacob Javits Convention Center during the New York International Auto Show in New York April 17, 2014. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri (UNITED STATES – Tags: TRANSPORT BUSINESS)

Honda’s Asimo is probably the most famous robot in the world. Its latest version is powered by a 51.8v lithium ion and lasts for up to an hour. You can get it to undertake tasks just by giving it simple commands, plus it can speak in Japanese, Chinese, and English. Honda wants Asimo to be helping tourists in Japan by 2020.

So these were the top ten robots on our list. Robotics has still a long way to go to catch up with the humans’ imagination of it, but it has come a long way as well, with robots being developed for various fields, from culinary to hospitality and medical purposes as well.

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